I’m your Mary Jane.

I’m impulsive , I’m critical ,
I’m rude ,  I’m mean,
I’m your Mary Jane.
I’m maybe the kind of high ,
that will keep you level-headed low.
I’m your Mary Jane ,
I’m maybe the kind of high,
That will keep you grounded.
I’m your Mary Jane ,
A disastrous wild wind,
that  refuses to be jarred.
I’m your Mary Jane ,
Elevating you , giving you a different kind of high.
I’m your Mary Jane,
Your ultimate insurmountable high.


no possible euphemism

I find myself lost during conversations.
My sleepy eyes, don’t wanna sleep.
Sunburnt, heartbroken, critical.
Fickle minded and fickle hearted.
A voice that clings onto me, the weight brings me down.
The peak is insurmountable.
I gotta prance !! Prance!!
I need that bravado !! That bravado..
I brawl, oh..  I crawl !! Oh !! I fall .
I may laugh at it , after many decades.
Decades minus few weeks – I’m hopeless.

Shall i laugh ??

Here is a list of things that were so funny I forgot to laugh. Blehh
1) Guys accusing girls of posting about FIFA when they don’t watch football and their posts appear only once in four year. Somebody give those guys trophy already 🐉. FIFA only happens once in four years, even you post about FIFA once in four years. As though you all sent out some detectives to find out if those girls watch football or not. And yeahhhhhh !! Just because a girl likes neymar doesn’t mean he is the “only” player she knows of and she likes him because of his good. Go to a spa and chill brahhhhhh ✋
2) Those girls accusing other girls for copying their pout or whatever they mostly do in their pics. Sista !? If you have copyrights , I shall seek permission of you from next time and tell others do the same.
3) I think I’m utterly disliked because i have less followers on instagram and likes on Facebook 😱 😨
4) A girl instantly becomes a hoe if she had many boyfriends.
5) If you put forward “a” dislike for an artist , you shall never ever be allowed to listen to that artist or else you shall be entitled with hypocrisy. Buhahahhhahhaha
6) if you listen to rock ; you know everything about music. If you listen to pop ; you are gay, you know nothing about music , hence you choose to listen pop music.
7) Unattractive celebs are talented. Attractive celebs are not talented, they got a break because they are attractive. Eg. One Direction.
8) Being tan makes you ugly.
9) Having extremely short hair will either make you a “tomboy” or “lesbian”.
11) The hair on my legs , arms , armpits and on my upper lip vanish with the help of magic. Actually women don’t have any sort of hair on those places.
12) If you are not skinny , you eat 24×7. If you are skinny, you starve yourself 24×7.
13) Taking up science will guarantee a BRIGHT FUTURE !!!!!!! (Wait I need my shades 👓). Getting  70% with science “You are genius 😍”. Getting 70% with arts “you dumb ass 😒”.
14) you can’t sing ? Try rapping.
15) you rap and don’t do weed ? That’s soooooo not donee 🛀
16) rap is not rap with the absence of words like “hoe, nigga, money, big booty” etc.
16) The only people you cant mess with are : SARCASTIC PEOPLE.

to be continued…. 

Read at your own risk ✌

Note: Reading this can offend you .If you are offended , well….I don’t care. You shouldn’t have had conversations which are totally nonsensical ,or had acted with utmost stupidity in social networking sites,with me being around or with me being in your friend list or follower list, respectively. Toodles 🐒


This is the kind of the edits most of the girls do. Is there any difference ? Hardly any. This app just made me look fair as fuuu 😒.  And still I get to hear these terms frequently about girls who use these kinda edits  :-
“She’s so fake, if you see her in real. You won’t believe it’s her!!”
“Ohh..she looks different in instagram and different in real ahahaha”
“She photoshops”
     I hear these terms frequently every now and then. But “she photoshops” is just too much ? It has become like… You know…. “Kodee term” for people who don’t even know photoshops is. Ha! Its like they hear it form people here and then and catch it and use it. When people don’t know the difference between the edits of Photoshop and normal edits(making one fair or tan). I think they should shut the hell up !! You all the soundp so funny and stupid.
   “She’s so fake” oh yea’ like she has dozens of clones in her cupboard. And you probably didn’t  recognize her because you right part and left part of the brains have switched their work. Hahahaha I think girls and “specially” guys should stop complaining. Girls are girls they will complain , but guys? “Real men don’t disgrace women”. It just makes you all look like you don’t have a life of you own and you all are constantly busy and peeping at other’s. Yea’ like “she fake” cause she’s tan in real and looks fair in her pics (hasayoooo) .
    “She looks different in instagram and different in real”. And as my friend once said “I can’t go around with  filters on my face” (Ohhhh BURN 🎆)
    If you all cant click a proper selfie or don’t know how to cover up that ugly face of yours( people who call others are the ugliest) then stop complaining.
I think its a girl’s choice whether she wants to make her fair or tan or make her look slim or remove that acne from her face through her face, she probably hates it more than you, but then she removes and you make fun of her(can you notice the difference, if you can’t ? You need Jesus) !! Hell yeah !! Her face her wish !! Her body her wish!! Her phones her apps!! Her apps her edits !! That’s so non of your business. Unless you are Billy Eichner.